Wooden Interlocking Flooring for Patio/Decking/Garden

Wooden Interlocking Flooring for Patio/Decking/Garden
Brand: funkybuys®

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This wooden interlocking flooring is very ideal for any outdoor decking, it's beautiful when laid out and would make any garden look outstanding.
  1.  No fastening with glue, screws or nails necessary.
  2.  Backed with a plastic foundation grid engineered to withstand heavy weight (10T) and outdoors climate conditions year round.
  3.  Grid allows water and air to flow unrestrictedly.
  4.  Cost-effective way to instantly build a beautiful wood deck.
  5. Main uses:
  6. Decks and patios
  7. Balconies and roofs
  8. Pools and spas
  9. Garden pathways
  10. Saunas and showers
  11. Industrial kitchens
  12. Wood Benefits  
  13.  No harmful chemicals used
  14.  No splintering, cracking or warping
  15.  Insect resistant
  16.  Slip resistant (wet or dry)
  17.  Low thermal expansion/contraction
  18.  Minimal glare
  19. Installation Process 
  20. Step 1: Measure the area to be covered in squared feet. One tile is needed to cover 1 square feet.
  21. Step 2: Lay the tiles starting from one corner of the area to be covered. Place the first tile and snap the adjacent tile in place by introducing the pins on the side of the tile into the holes of the other tile.
  22. Step 3: Continue laying tiles this way until the area is completely covered and all the tiles are securely locked in place to each other.
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