Inflatable Aquarium For Outdoor/Holiday

Inflatable Aquarium For Outdoor/Holiday
Brand: funkybuys®

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This is a great SPLASH & PLAY AQUARIUM PADDLING POOL for the holidays or outdoor use, enjoyable for all and very easy to inflate.
The inflatable's swimming Pool to create the fun moment for water loving kids. If you want to introduce your kid to swimming or want to add some  fun moments in your leisure time with you children this pool is a perfect  choice. 
  1. Inflatable Pool For Teens, Round Shape
  2. Allowable Amount Of Filling The Pool: 75% Of 343 Litres 
  3. The Height Of The Wall: 50 Cm. Kit-free. 
  4. The Thickness Of The Wall Material: 0.25 Mm . 
  5. Convenient Drain Valve.
  6. The Optimum Size Of The Pool Allows You To Swim Several Children At The Same Time
  7. The vibrant colours would compliment any settings. Easy to store.
  8. Dimensions
  9. Diameter : 152 Cm x 50 Cm
  10. Water Capacity: (75%) 343 Litres 
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